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Automatic L Bar Sealer Shrink Tunnel

Samples of Shrink Tunnel

Product Introduction of Shrink Tunnel
The automatic L type shrink wrapping machine uses an imported PLC automatic program control, safety protection and alarm functions. Each of those features, combined with an easy operation ensure prevention from incorrect packaging. The shrink wrap machine is also equipped with an imported horizontal and vertical detection photoelectric device, making it easy to switch between selections. The automatic shrink wrap machine can also be connected directly to a production line, with no need for additional operators.

Automatic Grade: Automatic
Suitable shrink film: POF
Application: food, cosmetics, stationary, hardware, daily used products, pharmaceutical
Packaging style: L type full closed packing
Kissing connection is optional

Technical Data of Shrink Tunnel:
Model BTA-450A BM-500
Max. Packing Size (L+H)≤500 (W+H)≤430 (H)≤150 mm (L)700x(W)400 x(H)200 mm
Max. Sealing Size (L)550x(W)450 mm (L)1000x(W)450 x(H)250 mm
Packing Speed 30-35 packs/min. 0-15 m/min.
Electric Supply & Power 220V / 50Hz 1.3 kw 380V / 50Hz 12 kw
Air Pressure 5.5 kg/cm3 /
Weight 500 kg 260 kg
Overall Dimensions (L)1800x(W)800 x(H)1600 mm (L)1300x(W)700 x(H)1400 mm

Features of Shrink Tunnel:
1. The BTA-450A is an economical, fully automatic L sealer manufactured through our independent research and development. It is widely used in mass production assembly lines, due to its automatic feeding, conveying, sealing and single process shrinking. It has a high working efficiency, and is suitable for products of different heights and widths.
2. The horizontal blade on the sealing component uses a vertical driver, while the vertical cutter uses an advanced international thermostatic side cutter. The sealing line is straight and strong, and will be straight down the middle of the product in order to achieve an excellent sealing effect.
3. Changeover between packaging of different size requirements is easy. Simply rotate the hand wheel to increase the reliability.
4. The machine uses an advanced PLC programmable controller, which is equipped with safety protection and alarm devices. The sealing system has a continuous sealing order with no need for replacement, and maintenance is incredibly simple.
5. The feeding length is controlled through a combination of electric eye detection and a time relay to control the precise film length, and make it easier to control the contraction effect. 6. Two groups of vertical and horizontal electric eyes are easy to switch for thin and small packages, easily controlling the contraction effect.
7. The waste material is automatically rolled. A separate motor is used to control and easily remove waste. It is not too loose or too tight, which can cause cracks.
8. The blowing function is automatic.
9. The feeding table and collecting conveyor can be selected according to your demands.

Parts of the machine
Component List of Shrink Tunnel
1 Product feeding motor SESAME (Taiwan) 1
2 discharged motor SESAME (Taiwan) 1
3 Film unwind motor SESAME (Taiwan) 1
4 Film pulling motor SESAME (Taiwan) 1
5 waste film recycling motor SESAME (Taiwan) 1
6 Cutting cylinder SHAKO (Taiwan) 1
7 conveyor kissing cylinder SHAKO (Taiwan) 1
8 Breaker Schneider (France) 2
9 PLC OMRON (Japan) 1
10 Temperature controller OMRON (Japan) 2
11 Time relay OMRON (Japan) 3
12 Auxiliary relay OMRON (Japan) 7
13 Solid state relay OMRON (Japan) 2
14 Vertical sensor BANNER (banner) 2
15 Horizontal sensor BANNER (banner) 2
16 Electrical magnet valve SHAKO (Taiwan) 2
17 Air filter SHAKO ( Taiwan) 1
18 Approach switch AUTONICS (Korea) 1
19 Conveyor SIEGLING (Germany) 2
20 synchronous belt MITSUBOSHL(Japan) 2
21 Sealing knife DAIDO (Japan) 2
Option of Shrink Tunnel
Model BTA-450A BM-500
Max. Packing Size (L+H)≤500 (W+H)≤430 (H)≤150 (L)700x(W)400 x(H)200mm
Max. Sealing Size (L)550x(W)450mm (L)1000x(W)450 x(H)250mm
Packing Speed 30-35 packs/min. 0-15 m/min.
Electric Supply & Power 220V / 50Hz 1.3 kw 380V / 50Hz 12 kw
Air Pressure 5.5 kg/cm3 /
Weight 500 kg 260 kg
Overall Dimensions (L)1800x(W)800 x(H)1600mm (L)1300x(W)700 x(H)1400mm

QCPack is a specialized packaging machinery manufacturer, offering automatic L bar sealer shrink tunnel, chamber shrink wrapping machine, cellophane wrap machine, and so on. These packaging machines are widely applied in industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, stationery, healthcare products, daily use products and hardware etc. With 10 years of experience in the packaging industry, our company can manufacture custom designed machines according to your specifications.

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