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BTB-300B Cellophane Wrap Machine

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Samples of Shrink Tunnel

Product Introduction of Shrink Tunnel
The BTB-300B cellophane wrapping machine was designed to meet increasing customer requests for a machine to carry out bulk packaging, such as caramel treats, post-it notes, notepads, wafer crackers and more. This overwrapping machine has a streamlined structure and aesthetically pleasing appearance. It runs in a stable manner and is easy to adjust.

Automatic Grade: Automatic
Driven Type: Electric
Application: mainly for bulk products (such as such as caramel treats, removable self-stick notes, notepads, wafer crackers and more)

Technical Data of Shrink Tunnel:
Packing Material BOPP film and gold tear tape
Packing Speed 40 ~ 60 packs/min
Packing Size (L)240 x (W)120 x (H)60mm
Electric Supply & Power 220V 50Hz 5kw
Weight 600kg
Overall Dimensions (L)3000 x (W)800 x (H)1500mm

Features of Shrink Tunnel:
1. There is no need to regulate the height of the two work tops on the machine when the mold needs to be replaced. There is also no need to assemble or dismantle the material discharge chains or discharge hopper, which reduces the mold replacement time from 4 hours to 30 minutes.
2. A new double safeguard mechanism is used, preventing damage to spare parts in the event of incorrect wrapping machine operation.
3. A unilateral hand swing device prevents machine vibration, and the prevention of hand wheel rotation during machine operation ensures the safety of the machine operator.
4. A new double rotary film cutter ensures there is no need to mill a blade after multiple years of machine operation. This overcomes obstacles posed by a traditional stationary single rotary film cutting knife that wore down faster.

Parts of Shrink Tunnel
Component List of Shrink Tunnel
No. Item Qty Brand
1 Breaker 6 Zhengtai (Shanghai)
2 Auxiliary relay 4 Omron (Japan)
3 Temperature controller 6 Yatai (Shanghai)
4 Solid State Relay 6 Xinling (Shanghai)
5 Inverter 1 Yatai (Shanghai)
6 Counter 1 Yatai (Shanghai)

The BTB-300B cellophane wrap machine is designed to package bulk products. As a professional packaging machinery manufacturer, QCPack provides a variety of cellophane wrap machines and shrink wrapping machines, which are widely used for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, health care products, cosmetics, daily use products, stationery and hardware, etc. If you want to buy packaging equipment with specific needs, please contact us and we will offer custom solutions for you.

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