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BTB-I Cellophane Wrap Machine

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Product Introduction of Shrink Tunnel
This cellophane wrap machine is lighter than our others and has an attractive appearance. Molds can be changed easily and quickly, and are not limited by the weight of the machine at the packing site. The cellophane overwrapping machine is used to package various box articles, and other 3D packed products.

Automatic Grade: Semi-automatic
Driven Type: Electric
Application: food, cosmetics, stationary, hardware, daily use products, pharmaceuticals
- Mainly for single product

Technical Data of Shrink Tunnel
Model BTB-I
Packing Material BOPP film and gold tear tape
Packing Speed 15~30 packs/min
Packing Size L(40~200) x W(30~100) x H(10~80)mm
Electric Supply & Power 220V 50Hz 3.3kw
Weight 150kg
Overall Dimensions (L)1500 x (W)600 x (H)1200mm

Performance Characteristics of Shrink Tunnel:
1. The cellophane wrapping machine is available at a lower price, at a third of the price of a fully automatic machine.
2. Molds are lower priced, and are easy and fast to exchange. One machine can pack boxes in double digit specifications.
3. It is a kind of packaging machine, and has a beautiful design. Its weight is not limited to the packing site.
4. This machine is easy to operate, and learning operation is easy.

Parts of Shrink Tunnel
Component List of Shrink Tunnel
No. Name Qty Brand
1 Temperature controller 5 Yatai(Shanghai)
2 Motor 2 Jiefei(Jiangsu)
3 Intermediate relay 2 Omron(Japan)
4 Proximity switches 4 Yatai(Shanghai)
5 Heating pipe 8 Zhengtai
6 Air switch 2 Zhengtai
7 Solid State Relay 5 Xinling
8 Bearings 20 NSK(Japan)
9 Thermocouple 5 Yatai(Shanghai)
10 Bottom 8 Hongbo Bottom

The BTB-I cellophane wrap machine is used to package single box items and other 3D packed products, such as cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and so on. QCPack, as a packaging machinery manufacturer, also offers chamber shrink wrapping machine, manual L bar sealer shrink tunnel, high speed side sealer shrink tunnel, etc. With over 10 years of experience in the packaging industry, we are able to design and manufacture custom packaging equipment.

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