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Cellophane Wrap Machine

The clear cellophane wrap is different from plastic wrap, transparent cellophane film for packaging is widely used for it makes goods well for sale and transportation. QCPACK company provides a variety of cellophane film wrapping machines for packaging products in bulk quantities or box shape, such as bulk paper towels, health care products, medicine, cosmetics, stationary, food items, electronics, etc.

    1. BTB-300A Cellophane Wrap Machine
      The BTB-300A cellophane overwrapping machine is widely used for automatic film packaging with a gold tear tape for single box products. With a new double safeguard, there is no need to stop the machine and spare parts will not be damaged in the event the machine operates incorrectly.
    1. BTB-300B Cellophane Wrap Machine
      The BTB-300B cellophane overwrapping machine was designed to meet increasing customer requests for a machine to carry out bulk packaging, such as caramel treats, post-it notes, notepads, wafer crackers and more. This overwrapping machine has a streamlined structure and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
    1. BTB-300C Cellophane Wrap Machine
      Developed using the concept for the BTB-300B cellophane overwrapping machine, the BTB-300C has an added color mark calibration system, comprised of a Panasonic servo motor, Siemens controlling modules and a PLC touch screen. The overwrapping machine features a stable and easy operation, and runs quickly.
    1. BTB-300D Cellophane Wrap Machine
      Completely encased in Plexiglass, the BTB-300D cellophane overwrapping machine is elegant and dust resistant, meeting customer requirements for sanitary conditions. The packaging machine is equipped with a Siemens control system and PLC touch screen, ensuring stable and reliable overwrapping machine operation.
    1. BTB-350 Cellophane Wrap Machine
      The BTB-350 cellophane overwrapping machine is used most often for long box products. The wrapping machine is equipped with a vertical film blowing structure for a better packing effect on long sealing locations. This overwrapping packaging machinery is also applicable for double, side by side boxes for a better utilization and better product value.
    1. BTB-400 Cellophane Wrap Machine
      The BTB-400 cellophane overwrapping machine uses a multi-functional digital display and frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, PLC programmed control technology, automatic box feeding and counting, touch screen display, and pneumatic film falling.
    1. BTB-I Cellophane Wrap Machine
      This cellophane wrap machine is lighter than our others and has an attractive appearance. Molds can be changed easily and quickly, and are not limited by the weight of the machine at the packing site.
    1. BTB-II Cellophane Wrap Machine
      This cellophane wrapping machine is used to package various box articles, and other 3D packed products, as food, cosmetics, stationary, hardware, daily use products, pharmaceuticals.

As a specialized packaging machinery manufacturer, QCPack provides cellophane wrap machines with different models. Our company also offers chamber shrink wrapping machine, high speed side sealer shrink tunnel, automatic L bar sealer shrink tunnel, etc. They are widely applied in industries such as pharmaceuticals, daily use products and food. For packaging equipment with your own specifications, please send us message and we will manufacture custom machines for you.