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Development History

Our development process, including gradual exploration and improvement of management teams and management philosophy, is summarized in three historical stages. Through each stage, customers can see QCPack's success in the past, and be confident of continued steady development in the future.

First Stage: Development and Creation (2004-2006)
1. In 2004, we formed an R&D team as the core of our enterprises.
2. In 2005, we founded our first machine factory (Zheijiang Ruian Yongxin Machinery Plant) with a registered capital of 1 million RMB. With more than 50 employees, it became a science and technology enterprise dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of automated machinery and equipment.
3. 2005-2006: We obtained 3 utility model patent certificates.

Second Stage: Self-Development, Leading the Domestic Market (2007-2012)
In the past four years, we have focused on continuing to improve R&D, and expanding the sales marketing network. We continued to increase the introduction of new management systems, design, and marketing talents, leading to growth on the market into a leading company.
1. In 2007, we established a company website in order to develop network marketing.
2. In 2008 to 2009, we introduced more professionals, and implemented ISO9001 quality management system standards into production.
3. In 2010, we established our foreign trade department, and exported our products to an international customer for the first time (located in Korea.)
4. In 2011, Shanghai QCpack Machinery Co., Ltd. was incorporated in the Fengxian District of Shanghai, and a new company website (www.qcpack.cn) was established. The registered capital reached 6 million RMB.
5. In 2012, we received two invention patents, and our products passed CE certifications for the EU. Our annual production grew from 300 heat shrink packaging machines to an annual output of several thousand. Our corporate structure completed the transition from a factory system to a corporate system.
6. In July of 2012, we participated for the first time in the 18 exhibition of Propack China, and products since then have been popular among both foreign and domestic customers.

Third Stage: International Development, Diversifying in Fields of Expertise (2013 to present)
We took the opportunity to open international development, and have striven to become an internationally known packaging machinery company.
1. In 2013, we became a member of the Chamber of Commerce GT, and foreign trade and exportation became a key part of company sales.
2. In 2014, we became an internship training base of mechanical engineering and automation for the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in order to enhance the overall quality of students and cultivate excellent mechanical design and manufacturing talents.
3. In 2015, we moved to the Xu Jing Industrial Zone of Shanghai Hongqiao Hub, with more than 10,000 square meters of standard factory buildings outfitted with modern mechanical processing equipment. Transportation is now extremely convenient, as we are only 5 minutes from the Hongqiao airport and train station, and the National Exhibition Center.